"We must and will have women leaders among us. Native women are going to raise the roof and decry the dirty house which patriarchy and racism have built on our backs. But first we must see ourselves as women: powerful, sensuous beings in need of compassion and tenderness." -Lee Maracle

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Back to Blogging

Boozhoo, everyone! I have not been on this site or my Facebook page for quite a few months. For that, I apologize. I missed writing and sharing my ideas with you. I had a very difficult and busy semester. In the last week along, I have written over 40 pages for school. But the good news is: I accomplished a LOT while I was away. And I mean a lot! The future looks very exciting for me and my family.

Here's what I've been doing all this time:

-Designed, implemented, and analyzed a pilot ethnographic study of fitness and self-care routines, spent ten hours in the field doing observations, conducted/transcribed/analyzed an interview, wrote a seminar paper, aced the paper;

-Conducted a site study of a local preschool for tribal youth where language and cultural learning is integrated into the curriculum, wrote a paper for this project with a focus on language preservation and youth education, aced the paper;

-Helped create an English to Ojibwe language translator for kids using the Java programming language;

-Helped to host an AISES regional conference at my university, introduced Dr. Anton Treuer, served as Head AISES Female Dancer;

-Attended the birth of baby Oliver - this birth was amazing!;

-Worked with an international couple who are expecting their first baby this month - I worked with them on childbirth education and SOON I will be their doula as well! I learned so much about working with couples whose primary language is not English, and will be developing more inclusive resources for international students soon!;

-Attended a continuing education course for doulas about supporting families with NICU babies, with a special focus on supporting breastfeeding;

-Presented my research at the HU Dept. Colloquium;

-Publications were achieved! My writing was accepted in the following: Sunday Evening Poem (online poetry publication), Ain't I A Woman: Race, Feminism, and Social Media (anthology), Hip Mama (Zine), and Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image (anthology);

-Co-founded an organization on campus for pregnant and parenting students;

-Played the tenor saxophone at my final jazz concert at Michigan Tech;

-Was invited to be a plenary speaker at the opening session of the CPTSC conference;

-Received the Percy Julian Leadership Award for my work in promoting cultural understanding, social justice, and equality on campus and in the community;

-My daughter turned FOUR!;

-We got a german shepherd puppy!;

-GRADUATED from Michigan Technological University with a BA in Scientific and Technical Communication! I graduated with honors, achieving over a 3.7 cumulative GPA, and having taken three graduate courses in my time here. I'm very proud of this accomplishment!

-Last but certainly not least: I accepted a position as a masters student in the Masters of Public Health program at the University of Michigan, to pursue a degree in Health Behavior and Health Education! Many people do not understand how much work goes into a graduate school application, and how competitive the process really is. The position comes with NICE stipend, amazing research opportunities, and the chance to work with faculty who are leaders in the Public Health field. I am SO excited to start at a new university, especially in the top MPH program in the state.

As you can see now, I haven't had any time to manage my Facebook page or to write on the blog. But now summer is here, and I will have more time to dedicate to sharing my thoughts and research. I do pan on continuing my series of posts on maternal and infant morbidity. I also want to write about the birth I recently attended, because I learned so much about being a doula at this birth. Stay tuned for some materials from me, and thank you for excusing my absence! :-)