"We must and will have women leaders among us. Native women are going to raise the roof and decry the dirty house which patriarchy and racism have built on our backs. But first we must see ourselves as women: powerful, sensuous beings in need of compassion and tenderness." -Lee Maracle

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The seasons are always changing

I'm flattered that so many people have been coming to my blog, even though it has laid dormant for several months. I've never been good at blogging regularly, being so busy with all my commitments including my family, graduate school, work, EMR training, and working on my fitness. The full time blogging lifestyle just isn't for me.

I have a couple of announcements for those who have been visiting and those of you who used to read my stuff. My blog focused almost exclusively on birth work and reproductive justice. These are issues I'm still very passionate about, so read on for more information.

1. I'm not currently practicing as a birth doula. I simply cannot commit the time it takes to do this job while I am in graduate school. I also cannot partake in the "on-call" lifestyle - I don't have as much freedom to miss class for births now that I have transitioned to a more difficult program and university.

2. As such, I will not be regularly blogging or updating my Facebook page. While I feel it is important for radical and full-spectrum doulas to have their voices heard among other birth workers, at this time I must focus on my schooling. It is too easy for me to get sucked into the conversations going on, especially online - so I am doing what's best for my studies and removing myself from those situations. I will be deleting my professional Facebook page in one week. I won't be deleting my blog, but I cannot promise to be posting new information regularly after today's post.

3. I posted earlier this summer that I trained to be an Emergency Medical Responder. I successfully passed the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, and am officially a nationally registered EMR! I am currently awaiting licensure from the state of Michigan. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, I did not get to catch any babies or attend a birth as an EMR student. I did, however, attend the birth of a wonderful little boy as a doula.

4. I feel a strong calling to continue my medical education. I am applying to medical school next year and hope to train to become a physician. The cat's out of the bag: I am interested in Family Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Those of you who know me well already knew this was coming - it was just a matter of time. :-) I am very excited to be taking my passion for reproductive justice to a clinical level. I am grateful for the experiences I've had working as a doula. The perspectives I've been exposed to will certainly help as I transition to yet another calling in helping women and families.

5. I have plans in store for developing and implementing a doula training workshop especially for Native American and First Nations doulas! Look for more information from me as Summer 2013 approaches. I am still VERY passionate about doula work and look forward to forging more relationships between underserved communities and professional support networks.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting my journey as a doula and reproductive rights activist. My days as a warrior for full spectrum health are NOT over - they are just beginning. My studies in public health have excited me for a future of serving families as both an educator and clinician.

Things are changing here in Michigan.

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  1. Hello there. My name is Helen Latham and I live in England. I found your blog because we both go by the name Little Wise One. We also share a similar kind of work, although mine is at the opposite end of life's spectrum. I am training to be a soul midwife. I will accompany a person who is approaching death to help them to release their soul and to make a peaceful transition back to the spirit. I have often thought how similar this work is to that of a doula and what an amazing co-incidence to find you! I call myself little wise one because I am constantly in search of wisdom. I am also familiar with the books of Betty Eadie, a Native American lady who has written about her experience of dying and returning to life. Have you heard of her? She, like you, is passionate about supporting the NA community. Anyway, I'm not sure if you'll ever get to read this blog as your last entry was 2 years ago. It would be good to hear back from you sometime. My blog is called myfirstbloglittlewiseone.